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Little Bird Organics x Fresh Start by My Food Bag

We’ve teamed up with cult favourite Little Bird Organics to bring you a healthy and delicious collab this June! Indulge in Little Bird goodness all month long with our weekly vegan recipes inspired by the Little Bird Kitchen or our limited-edition favourites box, packed with organic, plant-based treats.

Little Bird Organics Favourite Box

Our Little Bird Organics Favourites Box is packed with a selection of organic, plant based goodies, plus a limited edition recipe booklet to inspire you. Order it now – no subscription needed! Or add it to your order in The Kitchen.

Little Bird Organics Favourites Box

Indulge in a selection of organic, plant based goodies with our Little Bird Organics Favourites Box. Includes our exclusive Little Bird cookbook with 5+ bonus recipes so you can create delicious wholesome breakfasts, snacks and treats at home.


Little Bird Organics Inspired Recipes

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Little Bird's Winter Bird Bowl

delivering 2nd, 9th & 16th June

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Little Bird's Tofu Larb Lettuce Cups

delivering 16th & 23rd June

Something extra in The Kitchen

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Golden Glow Porridge Bowl Kit

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Little Bird Organics Favourites Box

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